Starcraft 2 Tips – Find out The Best Build Orders For Protoss, Zerg and Terran

You might be wondering what the best Starcraft 2 Tips for Build Orders are. Well, in this article I am going to share some of the best for you. There are a lot of Starcraft 2 Build Order Guides out there, and some of the best have not publicly known secrets that will help you to dominate Starcraft 2. I’ve bought them all and this gave me a huge advantage to dominate my Starcraft 2 games asap after I’ve bought the game. But guess what, I am sure you do not want to know all the kickass tips these paid starcraft 2 guides provide, and in fact I did write this article to share some kick ass Starcraft 2 build orders with you so you can get started asap!

For those of you who wonder what  build orders are exactly – its a blueprint for when to build what unit and building to get up to speed as fast as possible. That way you are able to attack sooner, or build a stronger defense and so on. The best about these step by step instructions is that they are very easy to follow and have a huge impact on your gameplay.

Hint: Don’t forget to follow the link at the end of the article for more kick ass Starcraft 2 Tips and step by step strategies.

Starcraft II Terran Build Order

I’ll make it short: Marines, marines, marines! Make them from all of your barracks whenever you can.

Obviously, start building SCV’s, as fast as you can, and get them to gather resources.
9th SCV: build a depot. Then build your first barracks. You need to make more barracks at your entrance to form a Wall.
13th SCV: Construct your second barracks. You should have enough resources to turn your command center into an orbital command. Make another barracks with the same SCV.
14th SCV: Make another Depot, and build a refinery afterwards.
16th SCV: Now it’s time for the fourth barracks!
19th SCV: You need to build a second refinery. Make sure every refinery has now 3 SCV’s gathering resources from it.
Alright – you’ve built yourself a really strong Starcraft 2 Terran foundation with this build order. From here you can adjust your strategy to fit your opponent and your style. Now go and do some target practice with those marines!

SC2 Zerg Build Order

Build drones and let them gather resources.
10th drone: Grow an extractor and create another drone. But you need to cancel the extractor, and make an overlord as soon as you can. Pretty cool ey? we just “adjusted” the unit limit! To squeeze out one more drone!
14th drone: Create a spawning pool.
15th drone: Grow an expansion hatchery.
18th drone: Breed another Overlord. Now we need 2-3 spie colonies at our main base to take down to the expansion hatchery after it’s done. Next thing is a queen at the expansion hatchery once you can, and continue to build drones and overlords.
20th drone: Now we need some lair upgrades and roach warren once you have 100 gas.
Well well… It seems like you have a strong Zerg empire now, take it into the direction you want to go. Resources won’t be a problem anymore.

Starcraft 2 Protoss Build Order

As always, build probes and send them to gather resources until…
… you reach your 9th probe. Now build a pylon.
10th probe: Build a gateway.
13th probe: Construct another gateway and pylon.
14th probe: Now create a zealot and chrono boost 2 probes.
16th probe: By now, your second gateway should be finished, focus on building more zealots and pylons.
18th probe: Now we are going to create two assimilators and a cybernetics core. Take 6 of your probes and get half to work on the geysers each. Continue to build probes and chrono boost as much as you can.
By now you should have the resources and attack force to implement any strategy. Have fun!

What’s Next on your SC2 Journey?

I hope you enjoyed the little Starcraft 2 build order tricks that can give you a real advantage over your enemies. With these build orders you will be able to attack your opponent first. However this is only the first step on your journey to becoming a Starcraft II Master. Let me tell you, to dominate your Starcraft 2 games you need to get every tip, strategy, and guide available.

But I don’t want to leave you in the dark here. Take a look at the best Starcraft 2 Strategy Guides, I promise you that you will learn every secret trick and strategy in Starcraft 2 by following these guides.

But enough said, now go and practice Starcraft 2 soldier! Thats an order! Or well, if you are lazy, go ahead and read the SC2 Build Order Guides to become a top player and know the secrets you you would otherwise be searching forever in no time!

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