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Since Starcraft 2 – Wings of Liberty released, a lot of gamers around the world try to find the best Starcraft 2 strategies to win the game. As we know each of Starcraft 2 unit has a specific weakness and strength. So the best Starcraft 2 strategies to win SC2 game is how to build the right units are good against the enemy units. And you have to build your armies suitably follow your enemies when they change and adapt what they are building. Then, you should know the Starcraft 2 unit counters list.

When you are looking for Starcraft 2 unit counters list, the 1st thing is how to specify the unit types. You can see it at the bottom bar on PC screen when you select each unit. The unit is assigned to 2-3 classes, such as mechanical or biological, massive or not massive and either armored or light.

Next of Starcraft 2 strategies is to check out any bonus damage that the units may deal by mouse over all the different types of units.

These below are roughly lists of common Starcraft 2 units and the damage bonus they deal:

  • Corruptor: + damage to massive
  • Ultralisk: + damage to armored
  • Ghost: + damage to light
  • Corruptor: + damage to massive
  • Reaper: + damage to light units
  • Marauder: + damage to armored
  • Phoenix: + damage to light air
  • Thor: + damage to light air units
  • Immortal: + damage to armored

The next thing you have to know is what units are light, what are armored, what are massive or what are not massive.

These are some of them;

  • Biological: All of living things. All Zerg structures and Zerg units are Biological.
  • Mechanical: The Vehicle and Robotic. All Terran structures.
  • Light: Small units, Zergling , Marine , Sentry, etc.
  • Armored: Stalker , Marauder , Roach, etc.
  • Massive: Big units, Carrier , Battle Cruiser , Mothership , Collosus , Ultralisk , Thor, etc.

Then, with this Starcraft 2 strategies, you can build your units to suitably against to your enemies. However, these above are a little bit detail, it is too hard to go to Diamond League with only these Starcraft 2 strategies because most of Starcraft 2 players rarely use a unit alone. The example is Protoss players will frequently pair Stalkers with Immortals, and if you build the Marauder counters the Stalker, your Marauder will be defeated by the Immortal. This mean a mixed group of Immortals and Stalkers will easily counter a similar-sized group of Marauders. And there are a lot of factors to win or lose in the Starcraft 2-Wings of Liberty game.

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